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Vital Information That You Must Know Of When It Comes To Front Matter

Talking about front matter, if there is one thing that we want you to know about it, that would be the fact that it refers to the first section of the book and the shortest part as well, plus it is oftentimes called as the preliminary matter or the prelims. It has been said as well that front matter either carries a single title page or multiple title pages, the foreword, a preface and a whole lot more. Now, as for the things that are included in the front matter, it actually depends on the type of publication, hence we listed down some of these possibilities for you to know and be aware of.

For those of you who come across this article, we want you to be aware of the fact that below will be allotted to discuss several examples of front matter so if you find this interesting enough to continue reading, please do so.

What we will be introducing you first here as an example of front matter is the half title and talking about half title, this has something to do with a page that has the main title of the publication alone. In this particular page of the front matter, you will not see the name of the author as well as the subtitle since they are omitted from there.

Another example of front matter that we want you to be aware of is the title page and unlike the half title where only the title of the publication is present, here it has the full title of the publication, its corresponding subtitle if there is any, the name of the author and the illustrator as well, if applicable. There are other things that may be included in the title page, though it will be dependent on the type of book being published, and these are the following: the name and address of the publisher, information about the copyright, ISBN, publication date, number of printings, disclaimers, warranties, notices about safety and a whole lot more.

Now that we are finished talking about the title page and the half title, let us move on to briefly discuss the dedication page, which is know for being a part of the front matter that is allotted for the dedication message written by the author of the publication towards someone they dedicate the entire publication too.

The we have the epigraph and when we say epigraph, we are actually referring to a quotation that is included by the author which is relevant to the publication but is not important at all.

We are sure that you are familiar with table of contents cause it is one of the most common thing you will see in any publication that has pages and chapters and the table of contents is something you will see at the center of the front matter.

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